Diego returns to California with Isabella and her chaperone, to find his father in prison and his lands confiscated by his arch-enemy Moncada. It is time for Zorro to ride again. Diego proposes to Bernardo that there should be two masked men, to get more done and to confuse the enemy, creating a fox mystique. Diego frees his father from prison, an older and frailer Don De La Vega, and gives him into the care of white Owl and his wife Regina at the Indian village to convalesce. Diego is captured and arrested, and freed by not one but two Zorro figures. Zorro confronts Moncada and forces him to sign the confession of his guilt and treasons, and forces him to return to Spain holding the document in case he becomes a bother Edit

Plot References Edit

This story puts Don Alejandro dela Vega as Alcalde of Los Angeles like  the 1940 film the mark of Zorro and the 1974 film of the same name and another reference Worth pointing out is that Zorro also wears a medallion like in the 1998 film the mask of Zorro it also uses the main characters from the 1957 Disney's series it also uses the character of Lolita pulido like in the 1920s film and Don Diego at the end of the book married a woman named Esperanza making a reference to the 1998 film the mask of Zorro another reference Worth pointing out is that Diego joins a band of Caballeros devoted to justice this idea was originally used in the original Johnston McCauley Zorro stories as well as in the 1939 Zorro film zorro's fighting Legion