It is about the story of Don Diego de la Vega, son of a wealthy Californian landowner named Don Alejandro. Don Diego   de la Vega, who appears to be a fop, takes on the identity of Zorro to protect the people against the corrupt governor Alvarado, the villainous captain Juan Ramón and the silly sergeant  Demetrio Lopez Garcia. With his sword, Zorro marks the evil ones with the letter "Z".

When he is not disguised, Don Diego courts the beautiful Lolita Pulido, who in turn is wanted by Captain Ramón and by Zorro.

In the end, Lolita's family is imprisoned. Don Diego draws his sword, convinces the soldiers to take his part, forces Alvarado to abdicate and wins the hand of Lolita who discovers that Don Diego and Zorro are the same person.

The only one that knows Diego de la vega Secret identity since the beginning of the story is his mute but not death milk brother Bernardo