Alejandro de la Vega is a career soldier and son of a prestigious Spanish family, who has the double virtue of having a temperate and conservative character, at the same time as an adventurous spirit that allowed him to travel to the new world and start a life there. Alejandro professes the Catholic faith with great devotion and is charitable, but he has an iron hand he's also very proud of his past military career and he's also very beloved by the Crown of Spain as one of the best military Generals that the crown of Spain has ever had he wants his son Diego to follow in his footsteps he wants Diego to become A military General just like he was but Diego appears not to have any interest in the military life he prefers things like books poetry and painting but Alejandro still loves him very much even though he wishes his son to be more like Zorro he also owns the wealthiest hacienda in all of Los Angeles more than 1000 heads of cattle our raised there and they also have a vineyard which the de la Vega's are quite proud of the wine made their is said to be the best wine in all of California